In pursuing the excellence of our products, quality is the top priority. What is sufficient for the rest is just the beginning for us...

Vector Food = Quality

For over 25 years, Vector Food has stood for the highest quality of natural casings, which is our top priority in the calibration and breaking bulk of natural casings. Strict hygiene control of the plant, our staff and the production process are an integral part of the implemented and maintained quality standards.
We are a certified manufacturer according to the standards

Quality system

All processes, from supplier selection through to production, transport and storage are carried out in accordance with the GFSI recognised BRC certified quality system and our annual audits and re-certifications are an example of how strong is our commitment to food safety.

Permanent availability, short lead times

Long ends - high efficiency

All the production in Poland

Over 25 years of know-how of the product

100% Polish capital

Short processing time

Only natural ingredients

Exact caliber


The consumer can be sure that our natural casings meet the highest quality and health standards, which is confirmed by regular microbiological and physicochemical tests commissioned by an accredited laboratory.

Clean, fresh and natural – this is what our casings are like

Natural, free from chemicals, artificial colours, preserved only with salt and fully traceable, thus strengthening the consumer’s confidence that what they are eating is not only tasty but also serves their health and is completely safe.

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