For over a quarter of a century, we have been smilingly delivering the best natural casings on the market.

We are the leading supplier of natural hog casings in Poland. Our plants are located near Gdansk, in the picturesque Kashubian region

We have been operating on the market for over twenty-five years. Dynamic development as well as daily, close contact with meat processing plants allow us and our customers to face the greatest challenges.

Vector Food is a family business. We constantly care for the high quality of our products, and thus for the good name of the brand

Together, we consider new ideas and introduce production innovations. The young management team provides the company with development in new directions, adapting it to the requirements of the modern market.

We place great emphasis on meeting the expectations of our customers and their requirements for natural casings

We respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers, since as one of the few in the industry, we gauge up the casings exclusively in Poland and, from the moment the raw material is obtained, we are able to prepare a finished product to the most individual specification.

As a producer of natural casings, Vector Food stands for the highest quality of its products

We are constantly modernising our production process, which enables us to expand the scope of cooperation, while maintaining competitive prices.