• 1995
  • 2004
  • 2016
  • 2024

When presenting the history of the Vector Food company, we must go back to 1995, when it was founded by Marlena and Krzysztof Kaniuk.

Initially, the company’s activity concerned the selecting and processing sector of natural casings for the meat industry. The desire to develop and great commitment allowed us to systematically strengthen our position on the market and search for new opportunities.

Cooperation with partners from all over the world, as well as the experience gained, focused our attention on by-products of meat plants and the possibilities of processing them into natural dog chews. And so, two years later, a second branch of the company was established, which dealt with the production of dog chews.

The initial 200 m² of the production and warehouse hall was enough to meet the needs of our production at that time. However, as the market develops, the potential of our company and the number of contractors cooperating with us also grows. The rapid increase in sales dynamics forced us to expand both warehouses and production halls.

Over the years, many investments have been made to improve our production capacity and quality standards. Currently, the plants have an area of ​​over 5,000 m², and subsequent investment plans aim to double this area.

1995 r.
The company's founding act, operating in a rented warehouse in Gdańsk at Kochanowski street
1997 r.
Rental of a production plant in Gdynia at Pucka street 43
2001 r.
Building of a new production plant in Wyczechowo
2003 r.
Launch of a new production plant
2005 r.
Launch of a new plant for the production of dog chews
2012 r.
Expansion of the plant: raw material cold stores, salt and packaging warehouses
2013 r.
Obtaining the BRC quality certificate
2014 r.
Expansion of the production hall, finished product warehouse and auxiliary warehouses
2016 r.
Launching the plant after expansion
2021 r.
Building of an on-site sewage treatment plant