Sheep casings

The thinnest and most delicate variety of natural casings, while maintaining high quality and flexibility, gives the advantage, which is obtained during production using Vector Food sheep casings.

Naturally the best

Nothing is better than the natural casing. Despite the development of many types of synthetic casings, manufacturers consciously decide to use natural ones and such products are often considered Premium.


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Advantage over synthetic ones

Caliber / Sizes

The table below shows the sizes of calibers in sheep casings, along with the approximate amount of stuffing that fits in one bunch of 90m when working on automatic Handtmann or Vemag stuffers.
Sheep casings caliber
Approximate amount of stuffing*

14 – 16 kg


16 – 18 kg


19 – 22 kg


23 – 26 kg


27 – 29 kg


29 – 30 kg


31 kg

*The amount of kg per 1 bunch of 90 lm may vary depending on the kind of stuffing, temperature, type of stuffer or operator.
Examples of products
Kabanos sausages
Winerka sausages
Breakfast sausages

The uniqueness of Vector Food natural casings

The unique method of packaging allows us to achieve long pieces of the casings that reduce production losses. Stretching the sheep casings over the overlapping tubes does not disrupt the stuffing process and lengthens it as much as possible.

Types of breakbulk

Preparation of the sheep casings before stuffing